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All about Puffins - A Top Ten List:

  1. One pair of puffins nesting in the US in 1901 on Matinicus Rock, Maine
  2. 1,000 pairs of puffins now nesting on Maine islands 40 years after the launch of Project Puffin
  3. 1973, the year Stephen Kress founded Project Puffin (, introducing chicks from Newfoundland to Maine's former island breeding grounds, hoping they'd return to rest as adults.
  4. 62, the record number of fish carried at once by a puffin's beak (average haul is a mere 10 fish)
  5. 4800 miles traveled by one puffin tracked by Audubon Society over the 8-months it spent away from its Maine nesting site.
  6. 17.5 ounces: average weight o an Atlantic puffin, the smallest of the four known species of puffins, at just 10 inches tall.
  7. $100, the cost to adopt a puffin through the Audubon Society, thereby supporting seabird restoration efforts worldwide.
  8. One puffin egg laid per year, tended by both parents over its 6-week incubation.
  9. Five years: average age at which puffins begin breeding having returned to their colonies first at age 2 or 3 after rambling about the open ocean.
  10. 36, age of the oldest known Atlantic puffin.

Yankee Magazine, May/June 2013


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